Our Firm Provides A Variety Of Professional Legal Services

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construction legal services

Building and Construction

Rowe Bristol Lawyers has significant expertise in Building and Construction Law matters both in respect of residential and commercial/industrial structures. We are happy to assist and advise client (both builders and customers) with respect to all building and construction law related matters.

Corporate And Commercial

We deal with a variety of clients ranging from individuals to multinational companies and pride ourselves on establishing ongoing relationships with them. Our aim is to provide a high standard of service which enables our clients to contact us with the confidence.

dispute resolution legal services

Dispute Resolution And Litigation

Rowe Bristol Lawyers recommends that, prior to commencing litigation, clients first attempt to resolve disputes without recourse to legal proceedings where possible. This will often result in a quicker and more cost effective outcome.

Debt Recovery

Rowe Bristol Lawyers has represented and advised numerous clients with respect to appropriate debt recovery methods. We appreciate that often an overriding priority with respect to debt collection is to ensure that the method employed is cost effective.

insolvency legal services


When persons or corporations are unable to pay their debts within the time limits set by their creditors then it may be possible (depending on the exact circumstances involved) for a creditor to make an application to the Court to have a person made bankrupt or a company placed into liquidation.

property legal services perth


We have extensive experience in most areas of property law. This includes advising in relation to leases, mortgages, purchase/sale contracts, intellectual property, adverse possession, securities, resumption of land and property development.