Workplace Relations/Industrial Disputes

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In Western Australia there are two different systems of employment law, being those laws created by the State Government of Western Australia (“the State System”) which is governed by the Industrial Relations Act 1979 and those laws created by the Federal Government (“the National System”) which is governed by the Fair Work Act 2009.

Whether an employer is a State System employer or National System Employer will be determined by the legal nature of the employer. If an employer is an incorporated entity that engages in significant or substantial trading (or financial) activities, then generally that entity will fall under the National System. However, if an employer is a sole trader, partnership, or an unincorporated association, then the employer will fall under the State System.

If an employer is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, then whether or not an employer is a National System employer is less clear and it will depend on the level of financial or trading activity that the employer engages in and whether this forms a significant or substantial part of the employer’s overall activities.

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